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Steps to creating a Practical Floor Plan.

September 26, 2017

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Steps to creating a Practical Floor Plan.

September 26, 2017

Steps to creating a Practical Floor Plan.

Creating a floor layout 


Follow these steps to put together a floor plan for each room.

A floor plan allows you to analyze your space and think about how you can use each room.  


Shaping your space.

Make your space fun and functional by following the basic rules of good layout then add in personal touches to bring a room to life.


  1. Measure the space- take a notepad and pencil and the builders tape and measure the perimeter of your space making note of the windows and the doors including the frames also include light switches, power points and TV antenna connections. Take special note of ceiling heights plus any picture rails or fireplaces. These measurements will become important a little further down the road.

  2. Measure the furniture-using your builders take measure the length width and height of all your major items of furniture such as the sofa chairs coffee and side tables beds credenzas sideboards headboards making note of their form and details as you go. If you plan on replacing any of your furniture make note of the measurements of the items you intend to buy.

  3. Make a blueprint- using a pencil and a ruler transfer your findings to a piece of grid paper maintaining a consistent scale throughout. I deal scale to work with is 1:20 with one square on the grid equaling to 20 parts in your room. Move around various furniture, begin with the largest pieces such as a sofa and a dining table then work your other furniture around them. Create a number of blueprints moving the furniture around until you reach a combination that looks and feels right for you.  One way to reach a good combination is the play around with balance so draw your furniture to scale cut out the pieces and then shuffle them around your drawn floor plan until you find the configuration that works best.

  4. Add enough ease for realistic space for movement- does your floor plan allow for easy movement around the space? Is there enough room around the dining room table for people to sit comfortably? Does the scale of furniture feel in balance with the scale of the room? Perhaps the furniture is oversized we can make the space and you feel clogged or choked. Work with your plan until it looks just right. Remembering that it might take time and a few extra sketches to come to the best arrangement

  5. Incorporate how you live in your space-Think about your lifestyle and decorate accordingly. Being 100% honest about how you live is essential to creating a great space. You may think you want to formal set up but you really don't entertain much so you'll end up setting up something that doesn't accommodate the things you and your family really enjoy like watching movies, etc. 

  6. Trust your get feeling- At this point you'll need to experiment with your options and most importantly trust your gut feeling. Listen to how you feel in the room if the arrangement isn't working for you, you can experiment until you find a formation that does.

  7. Look at the bones of the room- decide what you're going to highlight like a fireplace and what you're going to hide like a radiator. Also consider not showing the back of the sofa and plan what needs to go behind it.

  8. Select tools- to simplify the job. You can use graph paper and a pencil to make life size paper templates of furniture to move around in the drawn space. This is helpful to help you think outside the box.

  9. Map out options- rather than trying to find a one perfect solution consider that every plan involves compromise so spend time considering a few arrangements and you'll end up finding the perfect one that fits you.


These are just a few tips, so check in for our next post on more home decorating how-to tips! Enjoy! & Happy Decorating!


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