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Steps to creating a Practical Floor Plan.

September 26, 2017

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Finding Inspiration for Your Home Decor Project

September 26, 2017

Finding inspiration for your Home Decor project


A starting point maybe from a single source of inspiration that you can build from because it inspires all the other elements that you will pull into the room this can be anything from a magazine tear-sheet, vintage print on textile, piece of art, a specific era and so on.


Here's where to start. 


Make a list of things you love they can range from your pet something sentimental when you were little specific flowers specific architecture certain types of art etc.


I think outside the box I love yourself to create room to explore and expand your views. 


Take a look around you examine the colors that you already have in your closet color pallet. Check your current home decor find out what you're safe colors are. 


Movies are you inspired by home interior Decour inside your favorite film? was it modern? was it minimalistic? was it eclectic? what did you like about it? how did it make you feel? Consider how you can translate some of this into your home design. 


Bring some culture into it make a list of your favorite cities around the world what do they look like how is the food what is the culture what is the style what are the architectural buildings look like? Does any of this give you specific feeling? 


Do you have a special trinket that you picked up from a land far far away you may want to use as inspiration.


Music is another great inspiration the style of music the era of music if your music lover there's lots to draw from for inspiration. Music can be such a positive contributor to the overall spirit and energy of a home. 


Memories can you think of memories that resonate most intensely for you? Maybe it was a time abroad traveling through which we text or cultures maybe it's a holiday at the beach what is the landscape look like.


Feelings what is the overall feelings you'd like to feel when you come home is it sexy is happy is it calm is it exciting write this down to help you create the mood for your home Decor.


Are there things look a little over your list when you're done and see if there's a dominating feeling. 


Do a random research online go to Pinterest and Instagram go to home Decor blog sites get inspired collect images start a digital mood board. 


Collect tactile inspiration like swatches of different text thousand different textures different weights different colors different finishes collect different types of material like wood stone tile ceramic glass acrylic mirror Woods and any other. 


Cast a wide net, think big, go outside of your comfort zone. Explore use your imagination be extra creative think of other possibilities. 


Don't forget to start a file of all your favorite things.


Look for images of certain themes thru books, magazines or online, for example feminine style,  elegant,  bohemian, clean, traditional, organic, sentimental, witty, comfortable, punk, ladylike, edgy, cozy, Zen, romantic, dramatic, pop, vibrant, Asian, African style, modernist mid-century, traditional, eclectic BoHo, contemporary,  Hollywood Regency,  and the list goes on.


Find inspiration in places that you visited our Galleries museums find restaurants and cafés hotels nature and the outdoor make notes of all these places in what you find inspiring is it the lighting is it The size of furniture the lack of furniture or the excess of furniture?


Get inspiration from books magazines catalogs blogs imagine seems to go on a home tour subscribe to a trend report.


What stores do you like to shop in anything from sheets lake sleek modern stores to Dusty dark vintage treasure stores you can find so much inspiration just by strolling into a few of your favorite shops. *just don't buy anything yet remember you're still in research mode.


Trade shows, flea-markets, craft shows these are great place to gather swatches specific trinkets that provide texture and surface or finish inspiration.


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